A black 2022 Lucid Air inside a building on a tan floor.
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Lucid Motors is a company focusing on EV production with one car currently on the market: the Air. This car rivals all of its EV competitors with its advanced technology and performance. The Air is the first EV to be released with over a 500-mile range that is the most out of any EV available at the time of its release. It is also one of the fastest charging EVs on the market.

The exterior is sleek and classically designed with an immaculate and spacious interior that has become the definition of luxury. The frunk is also one of the largest available on any EV car. The storage space available is a great option for larger families that require a lot of room to store their things. There are also various performance options that are made to suit the everyday driver with the laid-back driving dynamic to the thrill-seeker with a large amount of horsepower that will satisfy any sports car enthusiast.

About Lucid

  • 2022 Lucid Air (Starting MSRP $77,400)
  • Pro: The range is the most out of any EV available on the market as of now.  
  • Con: It is the first vehicle from a start-up company, which makes others feel it will be less reliable than other brands. 
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