Trucks and SUVs with the 1500 tag are the most commonly seen on the road. It is considered light-duty, while other categories like the 2500 or 3500 are considered heavy-duty. Essentially, it means that a 1500, also known as a half-ton, has a smaller towing capacity and carries less of a payload. The payload includes the weight of what is being towed and all the passengers and cargo in the vehicle.

These models are typically used as light work trucks or as an everyday driver. Many manufacturers make these vehicles, including Chevy, Ram, Toyota, and GMC. These are great for those that do light towing for traveling with a small RV or those that tow every now and then, such as a lawnmower or picking up a couch. The larger towing capacities are better suited for heavier loads to carry, like large RVs or farming equipment. A 1500 is a great everyday driver and comes with various options to suit everyone.

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