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Our experienced team of Digital Editors works to produce all of our content from contributing authors, including everything from assigning headlines and crafting the angles that readers will be interested in, to editing and publishing the articles once they’re drafted. Our DEs are editors and writers in their own right, who each have several years of experience in digital media and publishing.

The Digital Editors share a variety of interests that lends to their expertise across all of our sites. They are Disney aficionados and lifelong Star Wars junkies; they never miss an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and follow the Kardashians religiously on Twitter. They’re diehard football fans and gearheads who know a thing or two about racing Ferraris.

Each one caters their work to their specific interests. Read up on the unique skillsets of Director of Editorial Services Eric McWhinnie, and Digital Editors Tiffany Ratliff, Nick Matysik, Nadine DeMarco, Ali Harrison, and Cat Syman.